X NOT USED Brandon Joe Rutten


Brandon has been a Registered Yoga Teacher since 2009 and has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. It is his mission to welcome others to grow within their own practice toward a deeper sense of mindfulness that benefit both the physical and mental states of being, thereby generating a greater significance of connectedness, freedom and contentment.

Each of his classes are unique, fun and challenging as he guides slower movements that encourage students to find the energy working everywhere across them, through intention of minor movement and the exploration of emotional patterns found in longer held postures.  His techniques make yoga accessible for people of all ages and abilities. Brandon is absolutely grateful to all of his teachers and students who remind him that he is and always will be both.

Brandon fell in love with both Thai massage and AcroYoga after being introduced to them six years ago. He loves the compassion, trust, support, communication, and connections that come along with their practice.

Further into his life, Brandon has one heck of a rock collection, enjoys working with plants and animals, reading, cooking, and is learning to bake something actually edible.